Class to Replace Lost Recipes of Fellow Classmate due to Katrina

From: Don


We have all heard and read about Hurricane Katrina and the devastation that it caused in Mississippi and New Orleans.  One of our classmates (Marcia Silverberg Lobman) was living in New Orleans.  She had to evacuate prior to Katrina and went to her daughter's mother-in-law's house in Baton Rouge.  I had e-mailed her to find out her status and she told me that she was safe but that she was pretty sure that she lost her house and everything in it.  To make a long story short - Marcia went back to her house in New Orleans.  She has only been able to salvage her mother's china, silver and crystal.  Everything else is gone.

I had e-mailed Sue Klein Wright who has stayed in touch with Marcia over the years.  She has spoken to Marcia over the phone and told her that the Class of '59 would like to help her in any way we can.  Marcia responded with "I've lost all of my recipes".  Now, this may seem trivial, but to Marcia, this was important.  Sue felt that if each classmate could send one or two of their favorite recipes, that Marcia would really appreciate it.

Pease send one or two of your favorite recipes on a 3 x 5 card to:

Sue Klein Wright
[Address omitted to protect privacy. Check reunion booklet or email psdupont59@juno.com for further instructions]

  - Much appreciated, Don Goldstein