P.S. duPont Class of '59
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Each classmate who attended the 50th Reunion
received this commemorative cover <more info>.
Provided by Keith Marsh

Sr. Prom Ticket
Courtesy of Gretchen Gravell Broadwater; Collage by Fred Kagel
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Commencement Ticket
ourtesy of Gretchen Gravell Broadwater

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1939 to 1959 to 2009 ...
Joe Cloud, Jr. and The P.S. duPont Tradition Continues

Joe Cloud's mother, Elizabeth "Betty" T. Cloud, graduated from P.S. in 1939. She died on 9/9/09. Joe found a P.S. Dynamiter button in her things while in the process of cleaning out her house after 40 years. Joe wore the button at the reunion, passing on the tradition from his mother. At the 45th Reunion, Joe wore a P.S. Letter sweater.

Song Sung at the Senior Morning program

We're for
Cheer for Gardiner
We're for Gardiner every time
She's the sponsor,
With the answer
We're for Gardiner every time.

To the Class of 1959
From Yearbook
Yesterday is a record,
To-morrow is a secret,
Today is yours - is mine.

Your counselor and friend,
Alice E. Gardiner

More memories to come --- keep checking back often!
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