Here are my friends, I knew them well, and here in my memory, shall they dwell.--- believed to be Edgar A. Guest

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B R E A K I N G   N E W S !

 Bob Vair complained, "Can't get a cheesesteak in Ohio. Charcoal Pit brought back memories."

Sandy Stayton Raughley: "Our reunions are always fun"

Steve Caney took three weeks to come back to the US for the reunion. Steve has written five books on toys and inventive designs. His daughters continue the effort to draw families away from electronic devices.

Bill Matuszeski finished up his 50-mile/day bike tour interspersed with timeouts for his paintings to attend.

 Joan Hertzfeld Wachstein and 'Bobbi' Silver Cohn were off to Portugal right after attending the reunion.

Sandi Hurlong, one of many classmates, reflected on the good teachers and enjoyable activities at PS that helped shape her future, as did Sally Pyle Mitchell who recounted participating in all the female jock activities.

From Trudy Gilgenast:

I certainly enjoyed my years of teaching [at PS] - such great students that all of you were!
Alles Gute!

 Retired Bishop Jack McKelvey was with us 'in spirit.'

Ellen Levy Koenig sent "a big hug to all 59ers." Ellen continues her medical work in Dominican Republic as does John Gregory working with sick children in the Bahamas.

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Class of 2032?

Doug Watson and ...

Class Yearbook -online
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Courtesy of Ray Richardson


Courtesy of
June Stringer Rietdorf

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♪Hail To Thee♪
Arranged by June Stringer Rietdorf
Played by Judy Kagel

 Oh, Alma Mater, glorious,
To thee we raise our song.
Thy loyal sons and daughters
Are valiant, true and strong.
Blue and Gray, we honor thee;
Oh, lead us on today.
Hail, duPont High School,
Lead us on to victory!

Chorus: Hail, Alma Mater,
Royal Blue and Gray.
Hail, duPont High School,
Thy Spirit lives for aye.
May thy children e'er be loyal,
Thy glory never fail!
Hail, duPont High School,

Alma Mater, hail!

This site is dedicated to fond memories of P.S. duPont High School in Wilmington, Delaware and to the graduating class of 1959.
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On behalf of the Class of 1959, we hope and pray you are all well and stay well during these perilous times. Be safe.

"Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself" -- FDR"
"No man is an island" -- John Donne
Only in the darkness can you see the stars -- unknown


How fortunate we were to have had the experience to celebrate our 60th reunion?...
Fri Oct 11 - Sat Oct 12, 2019
What now seems like a completely different decade ago.

1st Row: John Savage, Keith Marsh, Evarett Shtofman, Phylis Simione Williams, Gretchen Gravell Broadwater, June Stringer Rietdorf, Elaine Podolsky Heverin, Linda Denenberg Seidenstat, Marlene Taub Reinschmidt, Betty Broughton Todd, Mary Alice Lucas Lutes

We came from far We came from near
With friends dear!

Class Photograph above was sent to all classmates via email
Courtesy of Dick Dubroff of Final Focus Photography

(Click or tap on photo to enlarge)

1st Row: John Savage, Keith Marsh, Evarett Shtofman, Phylis Simione Williams, Gretchen Gravell Broadwater, June Stringer Rietdorf, Elaine Podolsky Heverin, Linda Denenberg Seidenstat, Marlene Taub Reinschmidt, Betty Broughton Todd, Mary Alice Lucas Lutes

2nd Row: Judy Morris Armstrong, Libbie Sommers Soffer, Sally Pyle Mitchell, Ceci Shames Ufberg, Joan Hertzfeld Wachstein, Dick Lubin, Henry Maier, Don Davis, Sandi Hurlong, Harold Meyers, Bob Vair

3rd Row: Lennie Dektor Rosenberg, Bobbi Silver Cohn, John Long, Bob Todd, Joe Cloud, Irv Levin, Bob McCaffrey, Jay Hudson, Paul Simpson, Joe Lutes, Don Goldstein, Dick Dubroff

Top Row: Bob Rickards, Fred Kagel, Pete Mercer, Sandy Stayton Raughley, Jean Smith Vanderheiden, Ted Webber, Bob Baker, Bill Matuszeski, Steve Caney, Doug Watson, Charlie Benner


Let's have a Boboski
Health Peace Love  
As time marches on for all of us, the Reunion weekend was organized to see "old" friends and to renew relationships that have been special to all of us over the years.

Relive the Reunion in an 8 min Slideshow!
(Turn on speakers and click or tap on picture to play)

Friday Night Schmoozin' at the DoubleTree
(Courtesy of Bob Rickards)

Be well, be safe, and be giving!

Photo by Bob McCaffrey

'Share' your pictures, links with psdupont59_at_gmail.


Let us remember, let us honor, and let us pray for our fellow classmates who are no longer with us or whose health no longer permitted them to join us for this occasion.


Also, if you have any written memories, photographs, tape recordings, or movies already on the Internet that you would like to link to or to be placed on our website, contact

1939 to 1959 to 2009
Joe Cloud, Jr. and The P.S. duPont Tradition Continues

Joe Cloud's mother, Elizabeth "Betty" T. Cloud, graduated from P.S. in 1939. She died on 9/9/09. Joe found a P.S. Dynamiter button in her things while in the process of cleaning out her house after 40 years. Joe wore the button at the reunion, passing on the tradition from his mother. At the 45th Reunion, Joe wore a P.S. Letter sweater.

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Not simply 'classmates' -- but life-long friends -- we lost recently
Mary Ann Lloyd, Sally Griffith, Don Davis, Elaine Kennedy, Clarence "PeeWee" Henry, and most recently, our dear friend George Kornack. Photos and Obits

Steven L. Dunn
Passed away June 2020

Steve had Stage 4 Lung Cancer and knew he was dying. Over the last few years of his life, he reached out to his friends, distant relatives, and vague acquaintances via phone and email. He also wrote his own obituary and wanted to share it with our class: Steve Dunn Obit


On the topic of retirement, Paul Simpson exclaimed he will never retire as he guides other businesses to achieve their aspirations.

 We now know that Jay Hudson and his wife Pat really do check their emails and voice messages while retreating somewhere in NY State.

Likewise, Judy Morris Armstrong found her 'lost' email invite at literally the last minute to attend. She brought back memories of  bringing her horse, Chester, to school to campaign for Danny Ballbach!

Joe Cloud, as advertised, was still stuck in '50s!

Joseph Lutes had a great time. "The hall was just right and the food was delicious. Tell everyone, that worked so hard to put it together, a big thank you from Barb and me."

Bonnie Ellingsworth Reeder, who did not attend, observed that we had a wonderful turnout and WE did! Bonnie just recently lost her husband, Ken.

Carolyn Layton Jones, who also did not attend, remarked "Who are all those old people!!!"

PS Guys remarked how good PS Girls still look!

If only for the 30-hour weekend, could we conjure up the memories of being 17 and 18-year olds again --- comfort zone for some, awkwardness and challenges for others!

It's taken most of us a lifetime to really appreciate the important things in life --- good health, family, and friends!

As Libbie Sommers Soffer summed it up:
"Life is a continuum!"


Faithful Fan

Proud g-father Pete Rickards reports that his twin g-daughters were elected All State, (NH) field hockey and basketball members for 2019. The Hanover,NH High School won the NHIAA Div-2, 2019 Basketball Championship. Twins were Co-Captains for both field hockey and basketball teams. Off to Wesleyan University (CT) in the fall to play field hockey. Great students!

Did he say, twins? Indeed he did. When questioned further, he said he can trace back four sets of twins in his family including of course brother Bob.


🎼Keeping our Country Safe🎼
as the Army goes rolling along


The Heywards [all first names) are really easy: H2 is my Husband, USMA 1958. Call name Sweetie or Dad. H3 or Hey or Heyward is our son and identical twin to Rob. They are USMA Class of 1990. H4 or Bub is off to the USMA Prep School. It is a year of preparation for admittance to the Corps of Cadets. Half of the class is made up of Active Duty Army, the other half are HS graduates. The school is located at West Point so the Prepsters can attend the football game. Im not sure what other involvement they will have. H3 and Rob were Prepsters. They are retired Colonels.

We also have two daughters. Ellyn grad from Clemson as a
molecular geneticists, now a CPA. Anne grad from Carolina with an MBA. She and her husband are in real estate. We have 9 grands with an additional American Indian boy who adopted H3 and his family. 

EveLyn  Hutson AKA Lyn Harnett

(What Lyn did not mention was that her husband was also a former state legislator)

Bob Clayton Reflects on American Bandstand and the Passing of Dick Clark 4/18/2012
"A lot of people remember that as being the best time of their lives."
(Click here to see video clip of Bob's interview)

Bob Clayton
Bob passed away in 2017


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