Here are my friends, I knew them well, and here in my memory, shall they dwell.
P.S. duPont Class of '59

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Lots of happy and smiling faces!
Photos by Ray Richardson, slideshow edited and produced by Fred Kagel

After four years, still great memories of a wonderful weekend from Barbara "Bobbi" Silver Cohn

Bobbi Silver Cohn's photos edited by Fred Kagel ---> Photos
Vents? in video are not vents. See Paul Simpson's clarification ---> Blog
Read more about how Paul knew that 'they' were not vents ---> News
Peter and Jane Mercer's photo contributions --->
P.S. Greasers (1961) courtesy of Ray Richardson --->
Dear Classmates from Juergen Thewes and other comments on our memorable 50th Reunion ---> Blog
1939 to 1959 to 2009 ... Joe Cloud, Jr. and his mother ... The P.S. Tradition Continues ---> Link
Slide shows from Joe Cloud Jr., Pat Hoffman Hostetler, and Charlie Allen capturing the wonderful weekend
SlideShow#1, Slideshow #2, Slideshow#3, Slideshow#4, Slideshow#5
Photos from the informal gathering Friday night and Saturday tour ---> Photos
Great videos of Ceci Shames Ufberg's spontaneous Boboski
 and Marlene Taub Reinschmidt's imaginary rope climb--->
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Courtesy of
June Stringer Rietdorf

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♪Hail To Thee♪
Arranged by June Stringer Rietdorf
Played by Judy Kagel

 Oh, Alma Mater, glorious,
To thee we raise our song.
Thy loyal sons and daughters
Are valiant, true and strong.
Blue and Gray, we honor thee;
Oh, lead us on today.
Hail, duPont High School,
Lead us on to victory!

Chorus: Hail, Alma Mater,
Royal Blue and Gray.
Hail, duPont High School,
Thy Spirit lives for aye.
May thy children e'er be loyal,
Thy glory never fail!
Hail, duPont High School,

Alma Mater, hai



Friday and Saturday, November 6 and 7, 2009
50th Reunion
P.S. duPont High School
Class of 1959

Photo by Ray Richardson Photography, one of our classmates, Class of '59

Reunion Booklet has typo

Carson Dempsey, our booklet printer, provided us with 125 corrected front covers of the reunion booklet.

They are side punched so our classmates can take it to a Kinko’s or wherever and have the new cover put on.

The same error was repeated from the 45th Reunion Booklet cover. Amazing that no one caught it for five years or it says something about our eyesight!

Stay tuned for details.


As time marches on for all of us, this weekend was organized to see "old" friends and to renew relationships
that have been special to all of us over the years.

Friday, Nov 6, 7 pm - Informal Gathering
Doubletree Hotel, Concord Pike (Rt. 202)

Photos provided by Charlie Allen (left) and Harold Meyers (right)
Slideshows by Fred Kagel
To view stills and control the speed of Charlie's slideshow, go here: Photos and slideshow#5

To view stills and control speed of Harold's slideshow, go here: Photos and slideshow#6

Saturday, Nov 7, 10 am - Tour of our beloved and remodeled Alma Mater
Enthusiastically guided by Lincoln Hohler, Principal
Sub and Coke Lunch in Cafeteria
Mr. Hohler's Movie, "P.S. duPont Through the Decades... The Tradition Continues" can be found on your commemorative DVD or online by clicking here: The P.S. Tradition

Saturday, Nov 7, 6 pm - Cocktails, Hors d'oeuvre and Reunion Dinner
Harry's Savoy Grill, 2020 Naamans Rd, Wilmington
7 pm - Remembering David Reed - Bishop Jack McKelvey
Introduction of Reunion Committee
Memoriam to Fellow Classmates
Invocation - Reverend Doug Watson
Buffet dinner, conversations, music, conversations
Class picture by Dick Dubroff, Final Focus -
$12 a copy
Special DVD "Remember?" Presentation by Fred Kagel - $15 for high resolution copy
(Part 1 and Part 2 low resolution previews here)

The last 50 years replayed in 15 minutes: The 1950s, Old Wilmington, the music, the Clarion, Graduation Day, the Senior Prom, Guess the Baby pictures, Most Likelys, and especially, the Friendships we had back then and continue to have to this day'
Each classmate received a copy of the DVD, which also includes: Delaware Historical Society Presentation,  Mr. Hohler's "P.S. Through the Decades... the Tradition Continues," and the Restoration of P.S.
Any technical difficulties with the DVD, click here --> Help
Short-short stories and jokes by Mr. P.S. Jr - Joe Cloud, Jr.
Explanation of Commemorative Stamps - Keith Marsh

Painted Duck Auction
More conversations and memories all weekend!

After-after dinner party at Hollywood Grill (old Howard Johnson)

104 Classmates Attended Reunion - Wow!

We have smashed the attendance of our 45th Reunion. A total of 164 classmates, spouses,  significant others, children of classmates, and Ein Lieblingslehrer Trudy Gilgenast attended the reunion and reminisced with many old friends. Go to Class News to find out who still has that class spirit.

New - Check out School Memorabilia or revisit the 40s and 50s MEMORY LANE-Girl Scouts, Warner Jr. High 1955-56, Younger Vandever Ave  Gang, WWII Christmas Toy Drive, Commencement and Sr. Prom tickets, and candid shots from the class yearbook. See Pat Hoffman Hostetler's photo contributions and blog contributions.

P.S. duPont Class of '59 Blog What is a blog?
A blog is a collective diary of our memories of Old Wilmington, the 1950s, our days at P.S. duPont High School, and our lives the past 50 years. The blog is also an opportunity to express our thoughts and wishes for the upcoming 50th Reunion. For now, anyone can write comments. Friends and 'rivals' of PS are welcomed to post comments as well. If you wish to post pictures, videos, and music, contact me: and I will promote you as an 'Author' so you can start blogging, too!

I Remember ... Driving, Cars ... Dancing, Bandstand ... Favorite Teacher have just been added to the blogging threads. Add your memories.

Hear Sandi Hurlong from Mexico via Skyped conversations on our blog.

P.S. duPont High School Trivia Test #2

Trivia Test#1 got 42 responses and click here for the results. That was just a warm-up to get that gray matter working again. Here is Trivia Test #2, again just 10 questions, and should take no more than 2 minutes. Click here to take the test or click on the Trivia button at the top.


Expenses for the Reunion exceeded the cost of the dinner alone. Our expenses (outside the cost of the buffet) are in the neighborhood of $1500, included: Hors d'oeuvres, printing the commemorative reunion and ad booklet, room rental, bartender, commemorative giveaways, decorations, postage, etc. Standby for an update if additional funds are needed.


We have received special requests from Susan Reed Sweet, David Reed's sister and Bobby Silverberg, Marcia Silverberg Lobman's brother. Please read their notes: Susan Sweet; Bobby Silverberg. We have also set up a blog for Remembering Marcia.

Dynamiter courtesy of Joe CloudTHANKS FOR THE MEMORIES!

Thanks to Joe Cloud, Jr. and Naomi Blam Clark for the memorabilia display.

Also, if you have any written memories, photographs, tape recordings, or movies already on the Internet that you would like to link to or to be placed on our website, contact See also P.S. duPont Class of '59 Blog.

       Click to enlarge

1939 to 1959 to 2009 ...
Joe Cloud, Jr. and The P.S. duPont Tradition Continues

Joe Cloud's mother, Elizabeth "Betty" T. Cloud, graduated from P.S. in 1939. She died on 9/9/09. Joe found a P.S. Dynamiter button in her things while in the process of cleaning out her house after 40 years. Joe wore the button at the reunion, passing on the tradition from his mother. At the 45th Reunion, Joe wore a P.S. Letter sweater.

Reunion Committee: back row Ron Shelly, John Savage, Bob Rickards, Joe Cloud, Jr.; front row Marlene Taub Reinschmidt, Naomi Blam Clark, Phylis Simione Williams, Betty Cox Talley,  Keith Marsh, Gretchen Gravell Broadwater, Fred Kagel, and Don Goldstein

Betty Belden Iwan, whose invaluable computer skills came to a last minute rescue, was omitted from the group picture.

See Committee *** Then and Now *** See Committee

Collage provided by Rose Culver Watson, Class '71
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