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B R E A K I N G   N E W S !

We DID it! Can you believe? A 60th Reunion?

80, including guests, are coming from far and near!

Just a Few Insights Heard from the Blue and Gray Clarion

 Sandy Stayton Raughley says, "Our reunions are always fun and I am planning to attend...."

 Steve Caney has 'booked a ship from France' to come back to the US. That's a big step up from his motorcycle....

 Will the Bob Baker and Goldy duo return for a lively encore?

 Joan Hertzfeld Wachstein and 'Bobbi' Silver Cohn worked around a big trip in order to attend the reunion....

Also, you will have a chance to ask Sandi Hurlong in person about her decades of reflections --- from Arden to the World....

Joe Cloud will be attending --- although he is still stuck in '50s!

 Retired Bishop Jack McKelvey will be with us 'in spirit,' and that's coming from a man of faith!

Be sure the class has your latest contact information

Based on Betty Belden Iwan's mom, who lived to 105, and Fred Kagel's dad, who lived to 103, we may still party for our 85th Reunion. Both were a blessing to their families, and  recently both passed away. Click here to see article about them from a couple years ago.

President Obama Makes a Pit Stop

Click to read full news article

Marlene Taub Reinschmidt can't believe the joint where we hung out more than 50 years ago is still going strong.

Maybe Fred Kagel has the answer why. Click here to read his blog about the Pit's secret anti-aging ingredient.

Class of 2032?

Doug Watson and ...

Class Yearbook -online
Click to view
Courtesy of Ray Richardson

Where's our class tree?

Phylis Simione Williams, Cythia Jobling, Ron Horseman

Phylis Simione Williams,
Cythia Jobling, Ron Horseman
pose as tree branches.

Photo courtesy of Gretchen

Gretchen Gravell Broadwater hopes to get together with Lincoln Hohler, the current principal, to help locate our tree. Joe Cloud, Jr. elicits assistance of Bob Hamilton, Class of '58, to find our tree markers. Read more on our Blog.

Steve Caney and Fred Kagel
Mini-reunion February 2012

Steve's 15 minute stop-by visit of Fred turned into a 2-1/2 hr epoch storytelling of Steve's life journeys. Steve, who spends considerable time now in France, was visiting a friend in Roosevelt NJ, called upon Fred in Freehold before heading towards former abode near Princeton and eventually back to his farmhouse in New Hampshire. Steve is well and asked about fellow classmates. Fred just happened to be home instead of at his usual TV Production Class for Seniors. Fred welcomed the surprise visit.

Courtesy of
June Stringer Rietdorf

Click on the Play Button above
(Internet Explorer only for now)

♪Hail To Thee♪
Arranged by June Stringer Rietdorf
Played by Judy Kagel

 Oh, Alma Mater, glorious,
To thee we raise our song.
Thy loyal sons and daughters
Are valiant, true and strong.
Blue and Gray, we honor thee;
Oh, lead us on today.
Hail, duPont High School,
Lead us on to victory!

Chorus: Hail, Alma Mater,
Royal Blue and Gray.
Hail, duPont High School,
Thy Spirit lives for aye.
May thy children e'er be loyal,
Thy glory never fail!
Hail, duPont High School,

Alma Mater, hail!

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Reunion Booklet Has Typo

Can you spot it?

Carson Dempsey, our booklet printer, provided us with 125 corrected front covers of the reunion booklet.

They are side punched so our classmates can take it to a Kinko's or wherever and have the new cover put on.

The same error was repeated from the 45th Reunion Booklet cover. Amazing that no one caught it for five years or it says something about our eyesight!




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All together now...

Let's have a Boboski

The Official 60th Reunion Itinerary

Fri Oct 11, 2019
7 PM Kickoff

Informal Gathering
Doubletree Hotel, 4727 Concord Pike

Saturday Midday
AI duPont Mansion

850 Alapocas Dr
Meetup at 10:30 am in parking lot
Cost $17 pp ($15 if we have a group of 15 or more)
ADA Accessible (according to website:
Lunch at Charcoal Pit afterwards, if interested

The Main Event
Sat Oct 12, 2019
Talleyville Memorial Hall
3919 Concord Pike
Wilmington, DE 19803

Buffet dinner including roast beef carving station
Cash bar....Casual / sport dress

Time....Cocktails and walk around hors d'oeuvre
at 6 pm and Dinner at 7 pm


Class Photograph will be available as a free download
Courtesy of class member Dick Dubroff of Final Focus Photography

More Laughs and Hugs
10 pm at Hollywood Grill

Wilmington is rich in art and history.
Here are some
Surprising Things to do in Wilmington and the Brandywine Valley,
in case you have forgotten.

Health Peace Love

Nothing Like PS Girls - Friday night cocktail party
Nothing like PS Girls - courtesy of Ray Richardson
Click on photo to see more pics of 55th Reunion Friday night cocktail party

Alcohol doesn't mix with their meds now - Friday night cocktail party
Alcohol doesn't mix with their meds now - courtesy of Ray Richardson
Click on photo to see more pics of 55th Reunion Friday night cocktail party

55th Reunion Saturday School Tour Video
Courtesy of Lois Resnick Sacks

School Tour - Oct 11, 2014
Photos courtesy of Ray Richardson
Click on photo to see more pics of school tour

Lots of Smiling Faces at 55th Reunion Dinner Buffet - Let's keep it that way!
And to all those classmates unable to attend, we're thinking of you!
Photos courtesy of Ray Richardson
Slideshow video courtesy of Fred Kagel

55th Reunion Dinner Buffet, Wilmington Country Club, Oct 11, 2014
featuring the infamous Goldstein and Baker duo
Video courtesy of Fred Kagel -  Enjoy

55th Reunion Party, or uh, more eating after the party
at the Hollywood Grill
Video courtesy of Fred Kagel -  Enjoy

55th Reunion - Saturday Night Oct 11, 2014
After 55 years, to the greatest class of PS duPont High School!
Courtesy of Ray Richardson
Click on photo to see more pics of Saturday night at the Wilmington Country Club

The Official 55th Reunion Photo
Click here or go to top left of this page

As time marches on for all of us, the Reunion weekend was organized to see "old" friends and to renew relationships that have been special to all of us over the years.

Be well, be safe, and be giving!

Photo by Bob McCaffrey

Send your pictures, links to,
or post YOUR own memories of a memorable reunion on our


Let us remember, let us honor, and let us pray for our fellow classmates who are no longer with us or whose health no longer permits them to join us for this occasion.

Dynamiter courtesy of Joe CloudTHANKS FOR THE MEMORIES!

Thanks to Joe Cloud, Jr. and Naomi Blam Clark for the memorabilia display at the 50th Reunion.

Also, if you have any written memories, photographs, tape recordings, or movies already on the Internet that you would like to link to or to be placed on our website, contact See also P.S. duPont Class of '59 Blog.

1939 to 1959 to 2009
Joe Cloud, Jr. and The P.S. duPont Tradition Continues

Joe Cloud's mother, Elizabeth "Betty" T. Cloud, graduated from P.S. in 1939. She died on 9/9/09. Joe found a P.S. Dynamiter button in her things while in the process of cleaning out her house after 40 years. Joe wore the button at the reunion, passing on the tradition from his mother. At the 45th Reunion, Joe wore a P.S. Letter sweater.

Betty and Louise BeldenBETTY BELDEN IWAN KEEPS FIT...BETTY'S MOM, 103, KEEPS 'FITTER' (Betty's mother lived a full life until the very end; she passed away at 105)
Attached is a picture of my mom (Louise) and me working out on the recumbent cross trainers this summer. Many of our classmates knew her while I was at Warner and PS duPont. My mom is 103 years old. She lives at the retirement community at Kendal at Longwood, PA.  She works out at the fitness center, goes to lectures, has meals with her friends, reads and generally enjoys life. She is always interested in hearing about my friends from Wilmington and from college.
             Click to enlarge

(Fred's father was still opining current events as it related to history up until a month before he passed away at 103)
Though the hands are not as nimble and the eyes are not
as sharp, Dad was happy to
see his 'friend,' his iMac, arrive in his healthcare facility room, where he was recouping from a hospital misadventure. So what does a 100-year-old do with a computer? Follow the 35+ year               Click to enlarge
computer journey of Fred and his dad in an article which appeared in a computer club publication. Click for pg. 1, pg. 2 of article.


NEWS ...


Fred and Judy Kagel became grandparents for the second time, welcoming Lucas "Luke" Benjamin Kagel-Eskow into the family in January 2019. Guess who's feeding bottles to baby Luke and babysitting, roughhousing, and changing diapers of Luke's two-year old brother? Love it. The miracle of life and the marvels of modern medicine.


Ye old neighborhood pal, Tommy Campbell passed away recently. Obit forthcoming soon.

Kenneth "Ray" Richardson died April 2018, and some of us just found out almost a year later. Bad boy Ray loved life. Great photographer. Was the class photographer for our 55th Class Reunion. He will sorely be missed. What no obit? You told me it wasn't supposed to happen that way, my friend.

Jrgen Thewes lost his long and courageous battle to esophageal cancer February 2018. Click for more info.

Jurgen Thewes, in his annual 2013 Thanksgiving letter recalled memories of his stays as a foreign exchange student.
Click to read his letter and all about his travels on our blog.

Unfortunately, more obituaries ==> Click here


Donald "Goldy" Goldstein made Delaware Legends Basketball Hall of Fame. On

Saturday, January 11, 2014 Goldy was inducted into the Delaware Legends Basketball Hall of Fame at the Ed Porky Oliver Banquet Hall.  He was honored to join some past inductees of his era, such as Coach Buddy Clark, Nate and Pete Cloud, Tom Lewandowski, and Frank Shahan to name a few. Don states, "It was a very humbling experience." The mission of the Delaware Legends Basketball Hall of Fame is to induct deserving members of the Basketball community based on their significant contributions to the game of basketball in the state of Delaware and beyond.

Goldy and Eddie Brown were both inducted on the same night into the Delaware Legends Basketball Hall of Fame. Ed went to Mt. Pleasant and graduated in 1960. Goldy and he knew each other growing up and played ball against each other. Ed also lives in The Villages (FL). Hometown newspaper did an article on both of them. (l. to r. Goldy and Ed). 

Jurgen Thewes sends his annual 2013 Happy Thanksgiving wishes to all. He also recalls memories of his stays as a foreign exchange student with Doug Watson and Pat Said's families. Click to read his letter and all about his travels on our blog.

Jurgen Thewes Celebrates 7-0!

J�rgen writes, "This year's highlight was my 70th birthday. Edeltraud gave me a surprise party with 40 of my friends. My friends gave me money for a special trip of our choice." He and Edeltraud chose a bittersweet revisit to where Edeltraud grew up, in former Breslau (Polish: Wroclaw) in Silesia, which had been a German province until the end of WWII.

Ellen Levy Koenig Given Honor

Ellen was named Woman of the Year in Science and given a medal. Ellen felt good that the Dominican Republic recognized the work she was doing there.

Share your memories of our fellow classmates on our Blog.

Five Years Have Passed

We can still savor the memories of the great weekend we had thanks to photos of  Barbara "Bobbi" Silver Cohn and Harold Meyers.

Bobbi's Slideshow..............Still Photos
Harold's Slideshow.............Still Photos

Bob Clayton Reflects on American Bandstand and the Passing of Dick Clark 4/18/2012
"A lot of people remember that as being the best time of their lives."
(Click here to see video clip of Bob's interview)

Bob Clayton

Howard Hudson, wife Patricia, Donald Johanson
Howard Hudson, wife Patricia
with Paleoanthropologist Donald Johanson

Howard sponsors an annual lecture series at the University of Delaware in tribute to a favorite professor and mentor from his undergraduate days as a biology major. This year's lecture featured renown fossil hunter, Donald Johanson, founding director of the Institute of Human Origins at Arizona State University. "We are united by our past. Today, we are globally a common species," according to Johanson.  ---University of Delaware Messenger <full story>

Jack McKelvey

Jack, retired bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Rochester, began serving June 2010 as interim president of Colgate Rochester Crozier Divinity School. --- University of Delaware Messenger

Libbie Sommers Soffer Mixed Media Installation

Libbie's art 'installations' were chosen to be part of FIBERPHILADELPHIA 2012, a biennial showing of new fiber art forms throughout the city and suburbs. For past exhibition schedule, click here.


Reunion Committee: back row Ron Shelly, John Savage, Bob Rickards, Joe Cloud, Jr.;
front row Marlene Taub Reinschmidt, Naomi Blam Clark, Phylis Simione Williams, Betty Cox Talley,  Keith Marsh, Gretchen Gravell Broadwater, Fred Kagel, and Don Goldstein.
Ron, Joe, and Betty Cox Talley worked on the 2009 committee only. Pete Rickards and Nancy Bateson Senior will join the 2014 crew.

Betty Belden Iwan, whose invaluable computer skills came to a last minute rescue in 2009, has again offered to help with the name badges.

See Committee *** Then and Now *** See Committee

Collage provided by Rose Culver Watson, Class '71
Click to Enlarge

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